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Apple & PC: Finding the Best Programming Language
There are many kinds of good; but for me, I want something that is easy to use & fast enough for my project. The ultimate would be cross platform compatible so others can run my application regardless of operating system (Mac OS, Windows & Lenux). I have found two development languages that meet my criteria. My picks are open source Python and very affordable PureBasic. Read More

Apple: How to Create Websites with Mac:
Several years back, I replaced my PC with a Mac. The change forced me to find all new software & review how I created & maintained this website. Building a website is not difficult; but it requires many different skills. Each web building skill requires software that is easy to use & works well with the others. What follows is a discussion of the skills & software that I found effective. Warning: Tedious Reading Ahead: Read More

Apple: A Mac Spreadsheet that works like my Office PC?
I like my Apple Software; but I have a PC at work and an I-Mac at home. It is sometimes frustrating switching back & forth. Wouldnt it be nice to find an affordable application for my Mac that acts like my office computer? The Read More

PureBasic Image

Apple & PC: PureBasic- A compiled language for Fast & GUI!
What if there was a language that compiled into very fast executables, had very readable code & created GUIs like a short-order cook makes pancakes? If I added "cross platform compatible", would it overcome your anti-Basic bias? There is such a product. It comes from France & it is named PureBasic. Read More

Apple & PC: Programming Languages to Avoid: Is Objective C a good language to learn? What about Visual Basic? Swift? Folks at offer the following advice on what "not to learn" and some positive suggestions on "what is taking over". Read More

Apple & PC: Stop Calling it Bad Coding: I used to lead an engineering group & spent some of my time helping engineers communicate in more helpful ways. It not just about 'hurt feelings', its about 'Utterances that actually help folks improve things.' suggests that the overused phrase 'bad code' is not helpful & suggests better ways to communicate. Read More

.....Python Learning Corner.....

Why Python & why these articles? A few years ago, I was using MatLab at work and programming PureBasic in the evenings. A coworker suggested I take a look at Python. I was 'plenty busy' & did not want to dive into another language without a good reason.

Now, I work from home. I am starting a new project & need cross platform compatibility, statistical capability & scientific graphing. I dont have a big budget. Python time!

The Python Learning Corner shares my journey with Python. Short articles cover worthwhile lessons from my experience:

Visit the Python Learning Corner and Read More!

Python - A Great Language

I once read that a great computer language should have the following characteristics. Commands should be easy to remember with straight forward syntax. Debugging routines should isolate & identify where programming problems occur. The language should have a wide range of libraries & code should be transportable between operating systems. Most importantly, the language should not be a 'pain' to use.

Python has these characteristics: Pleasant to use as syntax & commands are reasonable. Quality Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are affordable. Python is available & free for most common operating systems. Free libraries extend its effectiveness to wide variety of applications. Where blinding speed is not essential, Python is very capable. complete review of : Python

Mac User Note: Python is already installed on your Mac. Do an internet search 'using python on mac' for details.

How To Learn Python

Simple languages of the 1980s could be learned in full. Even PureBasic with 1000+ commands can be handled. But most of todays powerful languages have copious commands & extensive libraries. The shear number of commands requires a different approach. During the last five years, job requirements forced me to learn Matlab followed by Python. In this article, I share what worked for me in the 21st century. Read More!

PySimpleGUI for Mac, Windows, Linux & Raspberry

PySimpleGUI - GUI Example

PySimpleGUI is a relatively new Python library for creating GUI interfaces. Like its name, it is easy to learn & fast for GUI creation. GUIs created with this tool do not provide ultimate 'look & feel' control, but very functional, professional looking GUIs do result with a minimum of programming time. So, check out Pauls brief PySimpleGUI Discussion

PySimpleGUI Programming Examples:

It can be difficult to find simple examples of PySimpleGUI python code that creates basic GUI panels. The examples provided below concentrate on core commands (without excess inclusions of optional settings) in the belief that 'less is more!'. PySimpleGUI code examples.

Python Programming Examples & Functions:

When programming, we often encounter small problems & think, 'I wonder if there is a simple function for this on line?'. And usually, there is. In this section, I have listed such items. Some were written by me & some by others. Python code & function examples.

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