NeoOffice for Mac?

Paul Watson
August 2019

Generally, I like Apple Software quite well; but, sometimes my Windows at work vs. Mac at home reality causes me frustration. Couldn't I just have an office suite similar to what I use at work; but, without the overhead of bugs, constant updates & arkane menus ?

I bought NeoOffice. It has all the functionality I routinely use with a clear icon driven command set. I can write letters, use the spreadsheet including graphing and integrate the two. The "save as" command works just like the one at work. (LibreOffice is a free alternative)

NeoOffice shown displaying a 'trend line' with the fitted equation

Recently, I tried the data base. While capabilities include tables and supporting forms, one to many relationships established by key field is missing. This capability is critical for creating a decent payrole labor reporting system and similar applications. While not "up to snuff" in this area, I must admit I have not found a resonably priced alternative.

The Verdict? Neo Office is a great tool at a good price -- even if the data base is a bit under powered.

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