Creating Web Sites with Mac

by Paul F. Watson

Updated July 2019

Target Audience: This Article is intended for computer literate persons who are not familiar with web page creation, and would like to get started. The article focuses on Apple i-Mac users. For PC users, much of this information is helpful and Q&A #7 at the bottom is for you!

Introduction: A few years ago, I received an iMac for Christmas. I was delighted; but, soon found that my suite of favorite software was not available for Mac. In the next few weeks, I replaced all my favorites with new favorites in the Apple flavor. In general, I found the Mac products very nice; but, often quite far ahead of the PC World of Software. In the end, many of my selections were not the newest thing out there. But they were good & all were reasonably priced & performed very well.

Recently: Operating System upgrades were necessary to keep my (now) aging Mac secure & compatible with today's products. So I was forced to search out new applications and once again found very good, affordable tools (identified below).

This article provides:

Along the way, I will also include discussions to help you decide the approach to take when many alternatives are available.

How Difficult is Web Page Creation? Difficult comes in two flavors. First is the technical difficulty/complexity of the task. Second is the broadness of knowledge required to perform the task. For example, learning Japanese is not terribly difficult; but, the student must have instant recall of about 2500 words and many gramatic usage patterns to be effective. Thus, Japanese is quite broad, but not terribly deep in the sense that mathmatics, or C Programming are. Creating Web pages is broad but not deep. It is at the extreme "easy" end of the programming spectrum. It is really more of a "tagging language" than a programming language. But some sequential awareness of "how things happen" is needed, much like programming.

What skills are required? The following skills are required to create basic web pages:

Getting Started: Getting started is easy & not very expensive if you already have a computer. You can create & display web pages without any special software at all; but, I will show you inexpensive software that will make the job easier. Also, it will be easy for you to view your web pages on your own computer even before you have web space (i.e. you can view web pages right off your own hard drive, using your Safari, or FireFox).

Learning HTML the programming language of Web Pages: I recommend you buy a used copy of the book Learning HTML in 24 hours by Dick Oliver. You can find it on Amazon in "new and used" for a good price. You do not need the newest edition- an older one will be fine. Alternatively, the good people at W3 Schools have wonderful educational material for HTML and other computer languages. You can access it free off the internet.

  1. Dick Oliver, Learning HTML in 24 hours (buy it from or other on line bookstores)
  2. W3 Schools free Internet Teaching

Recommended Software: I recommend you download/buy the following software for your Mac. All of it is available at reasonable cost either directly from Apple, or from other reputable software vendors. Most suppliers allow you a free trial period before purchase. The items listed below are what was used to create my website and they were downloaded from internet links. In many cases, you can buy the same products directly from the Apple "App Store" which will provide added security against malware & virus attacks.

Should I download all of the software at once? No! Don't do that!
Start with CodeRunner. This is the one to build web pages. When you start adding photos, you will need photo processing software because images off your phone will be either too big or too small. You may want to sharpen the images or turn them to B&W. If your web page features lots of drawings, you will need a tool for that. Below, I provide a description of the main software products I recommend: