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Aren't Accordions Just for Grandpa? - Continued

Paul F. Watson
Video of Diatonic Button Box being Played

25 years ago, I thought so; but then I started visiting an Irish Pub. The customers ranged from barely legal to old, but we all had fun listening to small bands that played penny whistles, violins, banjos, concertinas, accordions & drums. The effect was a lively, toe tapping music. What could be better as you drink a brown brew or a glass of red?

Over time, I studied each instrument & here is what I found: The violin & penny whistle provided the melody while banjo contributed its unique pinkity-plunk rhythm. Only the accordion was powerful enough to play melody, chords & rhythm. The versatility of these small portable instruments is only surpassed by the piano, while the 'reedy' sound of a 'wet tuned' accordion has charisma beyond compare.

There is a family of these instruments ranging from the small concertina, to a full blown 120 base accordion; but, we can characterise the lot by concluding that they are uniquely powerful among portable instruments. If you are looking for a small, personal instrument to 'wile away the hours', it's worth considering.

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