Ervin Visits the Holy Land in Photos - 2015

Along with several of his close friends, Ervin visited the Holy Land in 2015. He was able to visit many deeply significant historical sites. The photos that follow are a record of some of the places he enjoyed. We hope you do also!

Aqua-duct from Roman Times

Roman Aquaduct in Caesarea Israel

Beach side Aqua-duct from Roman times. This Aqueduct is on the Mediterranean Sea in Caesarea Israel, a city built by Herod the great, for the Roman Garrison stationed there.

The Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb where the Christian lord and savior was laid to rest.

Above: Photo of Ervin standing in entrance of Garden Tomb. Our lord and Saviour laid to rest here. There is a divider inside, one side for visitors, the other side is where JESUS was laid to rest.


Dolorosa where Jesus carried the cross
A view of the road of the Cross. This is the way of the Cross. JESUS carried the Cross over this road to his Crucifixion. There are 13 stations along the way. One of the stations is where Simon of Cyrene aided JESUS continue to carry the Cross to Golgatha.

Garden of Olive Trees

Olive Trees where Jesus was arrested by the Romans

Olive Trees in the Garden of Gesemane. This is where JESUS Prayed the night he was taken into custody. Where he asked the Father to take this cup away. And said "Not my will but your will be done".

The River Jordan

Jordan River

Ervin Baptised here in the Jordan River Israel, by Pastor Larry Huch of New Beginning Church in Bedford Texas

Site of the Crucifixion

Site of the Crucifixion of Jesus

This is where JESUS were crucified, a Church building build over the site by the mother of Roman Emperor Constantine.

We hope you have enjoyed these images of the Holy Land.

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