Quick Travel Gifts at Tokyo's Airport

by Paul Watson


Sweet Treats in Japan Airport

Travel Gifts: Most of my neighbors wouldn't know what to look for when passing through Tokyo's Narieta airport. Japan is full of beautifully packaged and special delights. If you have a sweet tooth, green tea flavored chocolate may be "just the ticket." The photo above features some of the choices that just arrived at my house!

Any Other Ideas? Yeah, lots of them! Japan has a rich tradition & there are many small items that make suitable gifts back home. But if you are not familiar with the culture, you might not know what to look for. Also, many interesting items are 'regional' and you are not likely to find them at the airport. Below, is a list of items & where you are likely to find them.

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Tori Gate illustration from Shoda Koho - a brillient Japanese artist. ???? to 1925

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