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Introduction We have all seen children's animations with violence and 60 foot tall monsters. But what is the alternative? Are there any entertaining movies that have good story lines with a focus on meaningful relationships? Can we find movies with beautiful settings and artwork? That is what Dionysus.biz will showcase. Please enjoy!

My Neighbour Totoro dvd for kids

My Neighbour Totoro:Ghibli Studio, Japan 5 Star (Animation)
B&G, Age 4 & up, Barnes&Nobel, Amazon, Walmart etc.

My neighbour Totoro is the story of 6 year Satski, 4 year old May & their father who move to rural Japan in the 1950's. Beautiful hand drawn animation unfolds in a world of tadpoles and rural scenes. Conflicts typical of young children emerge until the "Forest God" Totoro shows up and helps to save the day.

This is a medium paced, but interesting movie devoid of violence, fear and negative influences. The animation and art work are brilliant. This movie is simultaneously entertaining for children and beautiful for adults. I highly recommend it.

My Neighbour Totoro & other fine Mizaki films are distributed by "Disney" in the US and are available from Amazon, Walmart and many other distribution locations.

How to Train Your Dragon:Dreamworks 5 Star (Animation)
B&G v, Age 7 & up, Barnes&Nobel, Amazon, Walmart etc.

This is the delightful story of a young viking boy and his girlfriend. It seems like he can't do anything right, according to the rules of his tribe. One day, he brings down a "deadly night fury" but instead of killing it, the boy and dragon become close friends.

The story unfolds with conflict between the boy and his village. How will this conflict be resolved? Can it be? Watch the movie and find out.

This is a delightful animation of almost realistic photographic quality. It is a story all young people will relate to. The pictures are beautiful, the characters delightful and the story line is smooth with plenty of action.

Castle in the Sky:Ghibli Studio, Japan 5 Star (Animation)
B&G v, Age 4 & up, Barnes&Nobel, Amazon, Walmart etc.

Castle in the Sky is the story of a young teen age boy who catches a girl floating down from the sky. The two become friends and become involved in a complex plot involving pirates, "mysterious government agents" and others intent on stealing the girl's magical necklace. The story is full of adventure but devoid of outright violence.

Like all of producer Miyazaki's animations, this is a lovely story with beautiful hand drawn illustrations and a powerful story line. This story has strong appeal for boys, but is acceptable as girl's entertainment as well.

Other fine Miyazaki movies available in the United States include Ponyo and also Kiki's Delivery Service.

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